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Traditionally, cheap dildos are made of rubber. Rubber is heavy, porous and not easy to clean. Dirt gathers easily in and around the air bubbles underneath the surface. Because they are synthetic, rubber dildos must be used only with condoms. Their advantage is that they are highly flexible and with use even gain in elasticity.

The silicon used for sex toys is soft and kind to the skin. It is the same sensitive and expensive stuff used for surgical implants, so it must be kept sterile and dust free. Making a silicon dildo is a lot of work. They are moulded by hand, even the moulding forms are handmade. In the process of moulding many factors play a role, to name but one, the degree of moisture in the air. Each single production involves an experiment with the consistency, which is why dildos have different degrees of hardness.
A bit of his/herstory: the dildo revolution was ignited by the naturopath, G.D. Duncan from Brooklyn. He started experimenting with melted silicon to make protheses. The cocks he made were uniquely soft and became famous as the Adams family by Scorpio.
Meanwhile, silicon dildos exist in all colours of the rainbow or are transparent. The best about the material is its adaptation to and maintenance of body temperature. Silicon has a smooth, non-porous surface that is easy to clean. Hygiene fans are thrilled when they can boil their toys for up to five minutes and gaze full of bliss into the asparagus pot. Others can’t wait to open the door of the dishwasher… Silicon, however, does not get on with silicon! So watch it and do  n o t  use silicon-based lubrification gel. Otherwise, the toys gradually lose their attitude and may even dissolve. Take care also with long fingernails, cats’ claws and dogbites. In such cases no glue will fix a torn or broken silicon object, even though all in all it is an extremely resistant material that can take quite a bit of pulling and pushing. Against jealousy attacks, even the toughest silicon has no defense.

Silicon skin
This 100 % silicon makes for a super-realistic feeling: hard outside, soft inside. It is amazingly flexible and resistant. The addition of silicon lubrification in between the molecules causes this feel of being real as well as great elasticity. The material is non-toxic, has an unbeatable life range; it doesn’t break, warms up to body temperature, is non-porous and may be boiled for up to two minutes.

A new material called thermal plastic. It is soft, skin-like, flexible and warms up after being inserted. Cyberskin is made of phtalates, which is not good to wear on skin, it can cause irritations. Toys made of cyberskin do need special care, otherwise they wear off like old-fashioned rubbers. So, please: wash and lay them down, then blow dry! (There is also a special powder for this product, with reminiscences of past times at the court.) If you wear the cybertoy in a girdle it is best –because of the softness- to use additional rubber rings.