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Frequently asked Questions

Which Packer?

Packers vary in size and can do anything from inconspicuous to thick pants. The right choice may also depend on your height and which one you feel comfortable with. Sailing 2 and 3 are more average, all others are slightly larger or longer. Also be aware that it makes a difference to the inches where the packer is measured, so the top or bottom to the testicles.

Our packers are all very skin friendly and made of medical grade silicone, molded to varying softness and skin tones. Soft they are more in everyday condition, the harder variety is more noticeable. There are circumcised as uncircumcised models (Pierre), with and without eggs, some can also be used for peeing (PacknPisser, Sam) or even for sex (PacknPissnPlay - with stick or Sam + insert).

Holders for Packers 

The packer can be inserted into tight-fitting briefs, or if you prefer to wear boxers or loose underpants, it can be held in place with a strap or retainer. We recommend a rubber belt with straps between the legs (this will hold better to the body) or even a boxer packer, where the packer is inserted into an extra pocket in the underpants. With P. Briefs or Boxer you have even better devices in the underwear. A simple elastic band like Nada or even a wider do it for now but also and are cheaper.

Which size is the right one for the binder?

Binders should fit tightly. The fabric should not cut and it should be possible to breathe well and move easily. Please do not deliberately choose a smaller size than your measurements indicate, this will lead to unnecessary sending of packages back and forth or possibly long-term health consequences.
Larger breasts are better off in long binders than in a short binder. Everything is better distributed and the breasts are also better tied. Smaller breasts are well tied in firmer and short binders.
If your measurements are exactly between two sizes, the shoulder size is crucial. If your shoulders are wide, the larger size is the right one. If your bust size differs greatly from the waist size, the waist size is decisive.

How do I measure correctly?

Please take the following measurements loosely and do not breathe in or out strongly :-)) When measuring, please wear tight-fitting and simple clothing (not multiple garments). Make sure that the tape measure is correctly positioned.

The BUW (bust underbust) is measured around the rib cage, i.e. under the breasts and the bust overbust (BO) is measured above the nipples. If a bra was worn once, there is usually a size in it, eb 80b, which means breast undersize 80cm and B is the cup size, the breast top size measured around the nipples. This measurement also specify, it helps the dressmaker to proceed more accurately.

How do I wash and care for binders and packers?

Binders last longest when washed by hand or in the washing machine at 30 degrees. You can also put them in an extra wash bag and put it in the washing machine line, this is even gentler, 
Do not use fabric softener, do not spin dry and do not put them in the dryer. Best to lay out to dry - do not hang. 

Simply wash the packer with unscented and non-aggressive detergent or soap. Then set aside and let dry or dab with a lint-free cloth. Freshly washed silicone sometimes feels a bit sticky, then treat with powder or cornstarch.

Do not use oils or solutions containing silicone, as this will attack the material.

Which material should I choose for my dildo?  


The silicone used to cast toys is a soft, skin-friendly material. It is the same delicate and expensive substance used for surgical implants and must be kept sterile uring the casting process itself, many factors have to be taken into account such as the degree of humidity. Each production also experiments with consistency, so the dildos exist in different degrees of hardness.
The dildo revolution was ushered in by Brooklyn homoeopath G. B. Duncan. He began experimenting with molten silicone to cast into prosthetic devices. His tails are uniquely soft and famous as Scorpio's Adams Family (They are caaled now after the districts of New York and th capitals of Europe.

What makes the material special is that it takes on body temperature and retains heat. Silicone has a smooth, non-porous surface that is easy to clean. Hygiene fans are happy to be able to boil their toys for up to two minutes. Silicone is not compatible with silicone, so care should be taken not to use lubricant containing silicone. The toys will otherwise lose their poise over time and disintegrate. Also beware of long fingernails, cat claws or dog bites. The otherwise very durable material, which can be tugged and pulled on, is impossible to stick to once it has been torn and broken apart.


The 100 percent silicone features an absolutely realistic feel, hard on the outside and soft on the inside. It is incredibly flexible and resistant. The addition of silicone lubricant between the molecules creates this extremely skin-like feel and high elasticity. This material is non-toxic, has unbeatable durability - does not break, warms to body temperature, is non-porous and can be boiled for up to 2 minutes.