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How to measure your size

We need two measures to find the right size for you or produce your binder in a suitable way. Please measure loose fitting and do not breathe or respire strongly :-)). Measure your chest size around the chest under the breasts (BUW - breast under) and also right over the nipples (BO - breast over). If you had a bra in former times, please check the measure. It is something like 80b which is the size around the chest (80cm) and B means the size over the nipples.
If you choose a binder and check the size there and you are just between two sizes, we suggest you to choose the bigger one, this way it will be easier for you to adjust and get comfortable with the binder.


Wash and care

Binder: soak in water for a while then gently hand-wash and dry it. Don't add any softener while you wash it. Allow to dry naturally, don't use dryer.
Packer: Wash your packer with a mild soap, let it air dry and than give powder on it.